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Here’s some good news – we’re halfway through the week! This deserves a celebration right? I’m definitely going to be celebrating by giving myself a self-care day with tons of coffee, candles, and books.  It’s SO important to give yourself something to look forward to during the week so that if it’s hard, it helps you get through it easier, and if it’s good, it just gets better.

Lately I’ve realized that my absolute favorite thing to wear this past year is Converse. I wear them to run errands, hang out with friends, go to the mall, and I’ve even wore them on vacation. They are so incredibly versatile and so comfortable, that they’ve become my new go-to shoes. The main goal for a girl when getting ready is that she wants to look effortless right? But what people don’t see is the behind-the-scenes effort that actually goes into looking “effortless.” Well, I’ve used Converse to consistently style some (hopefully) effortless looks that will take you through the seasons.


Guys, I literally got this shirt off of Amazon. I’m so obsessed with Friends, I rewatch it on a monthly basis – so I needed a shirt that made me smile as much as that show does. Pair it with some distressed shorts, sunglasses, and your choice of accessories (I paired it with a gold watch) and you can easily pull off a chic look like this even if you’re just going to run errands. Find any graphic tee you love, and you should be good to go.

Find this shirt on Amazon here for $10.99.


This has been one of my favorite looks for the summer – it’s perfect for a day at the mall, hangouts with friends, or even brunch! For this look, make sure you get a denim jacket one size up from your normal size. My shorts and jacket are from Charlotte Russe, but any denim jacket will work (clearly I’m super into distressed denim). Oversized jackets are the best way to pull off the street style look in my opinion. For this look, I like to style my hair specifically with beachy waves, wear a warm peach-orange lipstick, and add some sunglasses. Done.

*I couldn’t find this jacket on the Charlotte Russe website anymore, but here’s a similar one.



You guys know that fitness has a special place in my heart – which automatically means that athleisure has a special place in my heart. But I also know that most of the popular sportswear brands cost an insane amount of money, and to be honest, I think that’s ridiculous. If I can get quality yoga pants from Forever 21 for $12, I will not be spending $80 somewhere else. I got this Adidas jacket on sale for $35 from the outlet store, and I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since! Because this look focuses on a more laid-back vibe, it’s perfect for travel days and transition seasons like Spring and Fall!

*I couldn’t find this exact jacket on the Adidas website, but here’s a similar one from JCPenney for $33.75.



Everyone looks good in black, and that’s a universal fact. Throw in a leather jacket, and you honestly end up feeling 10x more confident (maybe that’s just me). This look is similar to my athleisure look, but I only really wear it for a casual nighttime activity or for the Fall/Winter seasons. Summer + leather = a bad mix. To add to the feisty look, I try to curl my hair and tousle it all around so that it looks like it’s a little messy. You know what they say, bless the mess.

*I couldn’t find this leather jacket online, but here’s a similar one.


Throughout all of 2018, this has been my absolute favorite outfit – so naturally I’d wear it on my birthday right? The houndstooth print trend is becoming so versatile because of the black, white and grey tones associated with it. I thought this look was so comfortable yet so chic, and it was completely fine to walk around in for long periods of time because of….. my trusty Converse. The dress and hat are both from Forever 21, and the purse is from Kate Spade. Once again, I styled my hair with beachy waves (since I was going to a beach and the ocean wasn’t going to magically do it for me) and paired it with my favorite nude pink lipstick. I wore this on vacation in Miami, but it’s also perfect for a brunch or dinner!

Get the dress here for $18.99 at Forever 21.

Here’s a similar hat for $12.90 at Forever 21.

Of course, these aren’t all the looks you can create with Converse, but I wanted to give you guys some inspiration. Some days, you really don’t want to try to look good and I get it. But small statement pieces like what I’ve shown here can really help uplift an outfit even if it’s super casual. Let me know if you like posts like these, and please give me some #converseinspo so that I can change up my looks as well! <3

Walk in my shoes,


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