I Went to 4 Coffee Shops in 4 Hours……

Yes, you read that right. I scoured Atlanta for the best coffee shops, and made it a mission to go to as many as possible before the caffeine jitters kicked in. As many of you know, I LIVE for coffee. I need it if I’m busy at work, and I need it if I’m just chilling in bed on a Sunday afternoon watching Narcos on Netflix. This is also mainly because I have a milk frother that helps me make the BEST lattes ever (let me know if you guys want to see recipes for my favorite lattes) and I’m even more addicted than I was before.

Areas like Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, and Old Fourth Ward are becoming so popular in Atlanta for their new restaurant scene, nightlife, and overall vintage aesthetic. If you have not made a trip out there yet and you live near Atlanta, I highly suggest you do. The food is to die for, and more importantly, so is the coffee.

My main guidelines for a good coffee shop include:

  1. Number of tables/parking: If I walk in and there’s never any space to sit, I’m probably going to stop going there, and same goes for parking.
  2. Number of outlets: I usually only go to coffee shops to do work, and if my laptop dies, I need a way to save it.
  3. Decor/Interior Design: Let’s be honest, we all want an Instagram-worthy coffee shop. Don’t even pretend this isn’t true for you.
  4. Quality/Quantity of Coffee: If I pay $5 for a latte, it should be better than what I make at home and it better not be the size of an espresso.

Keep reading to coffee-shop-hop through Atlanta with me!

Location: Old Fourth Ward

Chrome Yellow is set in the heart of Old Fourth Ward (near Krog St. Market) so there are plenty of things to do around it as well. As soon as I walked in, I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of space and tables it had. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve driven 20+ minutes to get to a coffee shop, could not find a place to sit, and had to leave (that’s worse than heartbreak in my opinion). Parking was not great and we had to park on the side of the street (in the pouring rain), but we made it work. Chrome Yellow had plenty of tables with accessible outlets, and everyone in there was diligently working. I loved the decor of Chrome Yellow, and I especially loved all the “Atlanta Too Strong” banners they had up.

They also had a motorcycle perched in the corner, and I thought that added a really cool city flair to the coffee shop. As for the coffee, me and my friend both got the Maple Oat Milk Cold Brews. It was not too bitter, since cold brews usually are, and I couldn’t even tell that I was drinking oat milk instead of normal milk.

Maple Oat Milk Cold Brew

Also, they have a super cute ATL mural outside the coffee shop on the other side of the wall – I didn’t even notice it until I was leaving!

Overall, I give Chrome Yellow a 9/10 (A- for the parking situation). 

Location: Grant Park

This was my second time going to Full Commission. The first time I went there I was working remotely, and their wifi was not working….. for anyone…. for two hours. We spoke to the staff and they said they’d try to fix it, but it didn’t really seem like they did much about it. BUT I liked the atmosphere and aesthetic of the coffee shop so much that I wanted to give it another chance. This time, they had weekend brunch going on (which I did not even know they had, so they get a bonus point for sure). There was no wait for the brunch, the waitress was super friendly, and I ordered their Yogurt Granola Bowl with a Dirty Chai (I feel like this is as close coffee shops will get to a masala chai).

The bowl was very filling, and the chai was really great as well. The space inside the shop itself is kind of small, and there are about 10-12 tables, most of them with accessible outlets. I absolutely adore the decor and interior design, complete with white marble and vintage seating. Their parking situation is great because Full Commission is a part of a lot shared by other vendors, so it’s never hard to find any parking.

I give Full Commission a 9/10 (they got an extra point for the brunch).

Location: Virginia Highlands

Bread and Butterfly is mainly a brunch/lunch/dinner spot, so it’s not really only for coffee. Once you walk in, you’re seated by a waiter/waitress who takes your order, and there are normally plenty of tables (unless you’re trying to brave the brunch crowds). I LOVE the location, and I also loved the interior decor – it’s a French-themed restaurant, and has forest green walls with a golden ceiling. A+ for the Instagram aesthetic.

I wouldn’t recommend Bread and Butterfly as a place to go work, but it’s not marketed as that either. If you want some amazing brunch/French food, this would be an incredible weekend lunch date. As for the coffee, I ordered a mocha latte, and it was also very good. I’ve definitely had better, and they didn’t really hit me with mindblowing latte art.

In terms of parking, there is a deck around the area that usually costs $$ for parking, but if you validate it you should be good to go.

I give Bread and Butterfly a 8/10.

Location: Virginia Highlands/Inman Park

By this point, I was all caffeine-d out. I wanted something that would have a lower caffeine level, be different, but would still help me review the coffee shop. Inman Perk was actually down the street from Bread and Butterfly, so this made my job slightly easier. My first impression of Inman Perk was not amazing – there was very low lighting, it was super crowded, and nothing about the decor really stood out. I still wanted to give it a chance though, so I ordered a matcha latte with an almond croissant. Call me spoiled, but Starbucks will warm up their croissants for you, and Inman Perk kinda just stuck it into a brown paper bag. It’s all good. As me and my friend sat down on the one open couch with our pastries, we talked for a while and realized it had been more than 10 minutes and we hadn’t gotten our drinks yet. I had to go remind the barista to make mine, which I hate doingIn my defense though, there was no line so they weren’t really super busy either. When I finally got my matcha latte, it was actually pretty good. It was the right amount of sweetness paired with the right amount of matcha (not many coffee shops can get that right).

Matcha Latte

There are a lot of tables and space, and it seemed like there were a lot of outlets near the tables as well (so it seems like you just have to get there at an earlier time to snag a good spot). If you get hungry, they have a lot of pastries and food options, and there are also so many great restaurants around the area. Parking is the same deck as the one for Bread and Butterfly since they’re so close by to each other!

I give Inman Perk a 7/10.

That concludes my coffee shop hopping journey throughout the heart of Atlanta. When you’re looking through this post, 4 coffee shops may not seem like a lot – but how many cups of coffee can you drink in a day? I’m also always on the hunt for new coffee shops, so keep up with my Instagram stories for more reviews!

I’ve already reviewed some of the many other popular coffee shops in and around the Atlanta area in an older blog post:

Check out “My Top Favorite Coffee Shops in Atlanta” from July 2018!

I hope this post has been super helpful for you all, and I can’t wait to keep digging through the city for more cool places for you guys to check out. This was so fun for me, and shoutout to my friend Kiran for taking some of these awesome pictures <3

If you go to any of these coffee shops, let me know what you think! I love hearing from you all!

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