The 5 Face Masks That Will Change Your Life

Happy Sunday everyone! I honestly feel like lately the weeks have been FLYING by and before you know it, it’s Sunday night, and you’re wondering how Monday is back yet again. For those of you who want to focus on some much-needed self care tonight and forget about the Sunday scaries, you’ve come to the right place.

I take a lot of stress on a daily basis (90% of it is for no reason l o l) and this honestly can take a huge toll on my skin. If I don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water, I see undereye circles as deep as the ocean. It can sometimes be really hard to find time in your life for skincare, but it is SO worth it. You all know what my current essentials are for skincare, but there are some products that I only use once or twice a week. These are face masks that are INCREDIBLE for exfoliation and moisturizing your skin, and whenever I feel like my skin is in need of some oomph, I can rely on these 100%. If you’re interested in finding out the best face masks for your skin, keep reading!

** I primarily have dry skin, so I choose products that will exfoliate my skin but still leave the moisture intact.

You guys know how tempting every single item in Lush is right? You walk in and you don’t even know what you want, but usually you find it. If I’m at the mall, I know I’m gonna stop by and buy a bath bomb even though I don’t take baths. Why do I do these things to myself?

The one product that I KNEW would work for me was the Mask of Magnaminty – I was actually drawn to it because it smelled like mint Oreos (my favorite kind of Oreos) and the associate at Lush said it was incredible for skin. I took a sample home and immediately tried it. After I washed it off, my skin was softer than ever before and the redness had dramatically decreased. This mask is a great exfoliator, but it also makes your face feel healthy and calm afterwards – the best combination. And of course, I had no issues letting my face smell like mint Oreo heaven for 12 minutes.

Kiehl’s is my absolute favorite brand for skincare, haircare, and everything else that they carry. If I could only choose one company to buy all my skincare from for the rest of my life, it would be Kiehl’s. I’ve never had a single issue with their products, and I’ve always been satisfied.

This mask specifically blew me away the first time I used it. If you want to exfoliate and smooth out your skin, this is absolutely perfect for it. It’s a clay mask, so it’s going to literally strip your skin of any impurities it has hidden underneath. After I use this mask, my skin is smoother and shinier. It’s amazing to use for pores that may appear on your nose or around the nose area! If you go for one mask on this list, let it be Kiehl’s.

Sheet masks are close to my heart because 1) they’re super inexpensive, and 2) they’re super EFFECTIVE. K-beauty masks always have the best ingredients, and this one proves that statement right. The I‘m Real Sheet Mask line has an incredible range of masks designed for all skin types. My favorite ones are the Aloe, Rose, and Pomegranate (all separate). Aloe is amazing for moisture, rose is great for revitalizing your skin, and pomegranate will brighten it with vitamin C.

Sheet masks are also so easy to work with, because all you have to do is take it out of the package and put it on – it’s like a stencil for your face that’s already cut for you, and perfect for those busy nights where you have to multi-task.

Tatcha is one of the more higher-end makeup/skincare companies in the industry now, but they have an incredible sheet mask at Sephora that’s at a great price point. If you can’t already tell, my favorite sheet masks are always the ones that will make my skin look brighter and more revitalized. Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Sheet Mask does exactly that – the first time I used it, I understood why Tatcha is so high-end…. they know what they’re doing.

My skin was literally glowing, like, you could see that glow from space. It was smoother, softer, and overall so much healthier. If you’re going on a face mask binge, definitely include this in your collection – you won’t regret it.

Glow Recipe is another company that has incredible products designed to help you have soft, supple skin. Their Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is legendary because all you have to do is put it on before you go to sleep, and it does all the work during the night. The reason people are encouraged to have nighttime skincare routines is because the skin absorbs more nutrients and regenerates itself faster while you sleep, so this sleeping mask will work extra fast to make sure you wake up with the healthiest skin possible.

This mask is amazing because after using it, I woke up to the softest, glowiest (I know that’s not a word) skin in the morning. After I washed my skin, the glow was still there, and my makeup went on so smoothly for work. I felt hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the day, and I started using it every 3 days as a moisture boost to my skin for those rough winter days. Another bonus: that watermelon smell will make you feel like those nostalgic memories of summer days and watermelon by the pool and slushies and waterparks are all coming back to you at once.

And that’s it – these were my absolute favorite masks for creating your ideal skin. For the most part, these masks should be good for all skin types, since they really can’t do anything bad (I’d say stay away from the clay mask if you have super super dry skin, but that should only be in extreme circumstances).

Let me know if you use any of these masks and how they work for you! I’m always open to discussing anything skincare <3

Disclaimer: These pictures are not owned by Alisha Jiwani and credit goes to the photographers responsible for the photos.

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