Review: Bring it Om Yoga Studio

Hello friends!

Today I want to talk about an incredible new studio that opened up in Buckhead, called Bring it Om Yoga. I was recently invited to test out a class, and all I can say it is, they really do ~BRING IT OM~ (sorry I had to).

But really, I tried out their hot yoga class, and it worked my muscles SO well. I had been sore from my weight lifting workouts from the week before, and it was exactly what I needed to get oxygen flowing throughout my body and loosen all of my muscles up. The studio is usually set to 80-ish degrees, so if you’re sensitive to heat, be careful!

If you’re a beginner at yoga and are wondering if the level of these classes will be right for you, don’t worry at all! The studio has so many different classes that cater to both the yoga novice and the expert. The moves are easy to follow, and there are actually other Bring it Om yoga instructors that also do the entire sequence in the audience with you in case you can’t see the front. This was especially helpful for me, because there were definitely some poses that required watching the instructor, and I was in the back of the class.

The instructors and staff at Bring it Om were all SO nice and welcoming, and even during the class, they walk around and make sure you’re doing the workout the right way. I’ve visited SO many different yoga/workout studios in the Atlanta area, and I can say with confidence that this is one of the best. Definitely make sure to check the studio out if you’re looking to get started with yoga (or if you’re a yoga enthusiast, either way works)!

Location: 56 E Andrews Dr NW Suite 11, Atlanta, GA 30305


Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations, as always <3


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