Your Guide to Business Casual Outfits in 2019

Hello everyone! I wanted to continue my segment on “Career” related topics on my blog, and this is a topic that’s very close to my heart because it’s at the intersection of business and…. fashion. Business casual outfits can be hard to think of, especially if you don’t know what you’re going into. Business casual is always a safe bet, unless your company specifically tells you to dress “business formal.”

In this post I want to highlight some of my absolute favorite ways to style looks for work – and if you have the some or any of the pieces in this post, then you can always mix and match however you like. The best part about business casual is that there are so many neutral colors that almost everything can go with everything else. Keep reading to find out my picks!

#1: A neutral bodysuit + black jeans + black belt + pointed toe heels

One of my all-time favorite and EASY outfits to put together – I got this bodysuit so long ago and it was so affordable, and same for the rest of the outfit. If you have any other neutral-colored bodysuits, like beige or brown, they would be perfect for this look as well. If you have a black bodysuit, stay tuned for more outfits incorporating it below (but if you want to wear it with black pants, add a scarf on top to spruce it up)!

#2: A neutral dress + a printed scarf + the same colored neutral heels

Speaking of scarves, who says you can only wear them in the fall or winter? I’m absolutely obsessed with scarves, and I’ll take any opportunity to wear them, whether it’s hot out or not. This one is a fairly light scarf that’s also printed, and it goes perfectly with this nude-colored dress. I paired this look with the same colored neutral heels to stay in the color family.

#3: A white skirt with accents + a top the same color as the accent 1 + a cardigan that is darker in the same accent family + neutral shoes

The title of this outfit sounds a lot more complicated than it is. The skirt has light blue and navy blue accents, so I wore a light blue blouse and tucked it in, and threw a navy blue cardigan on top. I think it’s so important to pay attention to the accent colors in your clothes, because they can really make your accessories stand out too.

#4: A free flowing blouse + denim jeans + a black belt + pointed toe heels

This is the kind of outfit I’d normally wear on “casual Fridays”….. and that sums up the fact that I don’t really do casual (no shame though). I’m super short so I like to wear heels on a daily basis, and I find that they always look good with blue jeans (it’s always a good idea to pair classics with classics).

#5: Tie-waist pants + collared top + cardigan from the same color family

I absolutely LOVE this outfit, and I think it’s because I love pastels so much (and tie-waist pants). This lavender top is actually a crop top that I managed to tuck in, and I threw a light pink cardigan on top that made me feel super summery! If you have a button-down shirt that you like to wear cardigans with, it could also go perfectly with this kind of outfit.

#6: A bright top + a patterned skirt + pointed toe heels

You may not be able to tell in the picture, but the skirt I’m wearing is actually black and patterned with diamonds throughout (with gray accents). Because this is a neutral skirt, it can go with any colored top – and of course, I chose to go with bright pink. This outfit really makes a statement in the office and is SUPER comfortable.

#7: Neutral bodysuit + patterned pants + booties

This is one of my all-time favorite outfits, and I always get compliments on these pants (linked here). Once again, the bodysuit goes well with the pants because there are black accents in the pants, and the shoes just tie the entire look together. Speaking of the shoes, those are my absolute favorites to wear during fall!

#8: Plain black dress + patterned blazer

This is one of three pictures that this black dress is featured in. I am a firm believer in the fact that every girl needs a plain black dress, and you’ll see why. I can pair a million different looks with this in ANY season, for ANY occasion. This polka dot blazer is one of my favorites to wear with this dress, and always makes the outfit a little more fun!

#9: Plain black dress + nude blazer

Having staples like this nude blazer in your closet is always a good idea – it goes amazingly with this black dress, but it also goes well with pants and blouses too.

#10: Winter cardigan + plain black dress + tights

I love this look for chilly winter days. This chunky gray cardigan goes perfect with the LBD, and if you add some tights or leggings, you’ll be good to go.

Business casual outfits can be really tough to think of, but I hope this mini-guide has helped you even a little bit. I’ve found that having neutral bodysuits, dresses, tops, and pants in a couple different colors is always good so that I can mix and match all of my clothes. All of my outfits here are under $50 each, and there are some pieces of clothing that I bought YEARS ago that I can still wear to this day with different accessories. Don’t be afraid to wear the shirt from college you didn’t think you could salvage – you’d be surprised at how you could style some older trends.

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