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2020 Rambles

2020 Rambles

2020 Rambles

*Disclaimer: This whole post is honestly just me writing a stream of consciousness and whatever came to my head…..

Hello, 2020.

The fact that we’re in another decade is astounding to me. I normally don’t feel as affected by new years, but this one’s different. It just feels different, like there’s new energy entirely. Good things coming, and bad things leaving. A lot has changed and I’m so so thankful to be where I am. It seems like 2019 was a really crazy year, not just for me but for everyone. It definitely seemed like one of the longest years ever, but that’s not always a bad thing. I feel like time has been passing by SO fast and there have just been so many events, milestones, and happy occasions that happened in 2019. I took a lot of fun trips with friends, hit amazing records on my blog that I didn’t know I could reach, worked with brands I love, got a new job, and started some new side projects. Overall, 2019 was pretty amazing. But 2020 has to beat that.

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I’m not a New Years resolution person – I always feel like it’s more realistic to set goals in smaller increments. For example, if you want to hit a fitness goal, set a realistic expectation for the next three months. Once you hit that, keep going. I truly believe that setting goals in this way actually makes me want to reach them because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that if I work hard enough, the fruits of my labor are only a month or two away, and not waiting for me at the end of the year in December. The other thing about goals is that I’ve gotten into the habit of never telling anyone what they are. If you tell someone your goals, it also tricks your mind into thinking you’ve already accomplished it because you’re so proud of the fact that you WANT to achieve the goal.

One thing I’m really proud of — and I can talk about it because I already accomplished it — is that I banished all the toxic energy in my life while I came into 2020. I’m so happy with where I am, who I’m choosing to surround myself with, and the mindset I have. There’s no use in holding on to negative situations, environments, jobs, acquaintances, or friends — all of that has been left behind. Now I’m happier, lighter,  have genuine friends who choose to support me, and I truly love who I am.


A couple months ago, I saw a post that said “It’s going to be a lot of ‘ Who does she think she is’ in 2020” and I felt that on a spiritual level. It’s honestly hard enough having to post on social media constantly and write blog posts, without having people put bloggers in a negative light. I’m not going to go into why blogging is hard, but it should definitely be considered a side business. I go to work for about 45 hours a week, but I put at least 15-18 hours a week into my blog. I’m constantly writing new posts, thinking about writing new posts, and planning what my next move is going to be. If people are working hard at something they truly care about, live and let live. It’s that easy. This year, I’m not holding back at all.

I also turn 25 this year, which is SURREAL to me. When I was a kid, 25 was that age where I just assumed I would be adulting perfectly and have everything figured out. As we all know now, that’s not the case. But to be honest, lately I’ve been feeling like it’s okay to not have it all figured out. We’re all just taking it day by day, step by step, and learning as we go. I sure as hell don’t feel 25…. it seems like the day I got into my dream college was only yesterday. I remember being so excited to start that chapter in my life, and now that’s over. Now it’s on to a new chapter with new challenges and new mountains to climb, but I’m okay with it because I’ve only gotten stronger along the way.

On a different note, I ended 2019 perfectly. I had such an amazing night on New Years Eve —  it was probably on my Top 10 Best Nights Ever list. I was surrounded by my closest friends and family and was all dolled up and in my element. It was one of those nights you don’t want to end, where even 2am starts to seem early.


I’m thankful for those of you who choose to go check out my blog posts whenever I post about them on Instagram, and actually read through them. I’m thankful if you ever liked or commented on my pictures. I’m thankful if you gave me feedback on how to improve, because I know I’m not even close to perfect. I’m still learning, but I have a good feeling about what’s coming.

Here’s to more trips, more lightness and positivity, more posts, and more milestones in 2020.

Thanks for reading my random nonsense thoughts on the new year, and thank you for always supporting Alisha’s Approach <3



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