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The BEST Healthy Eats in Atlanta

The BEST Healthy Eats in Atlanta

The Best Healthy Eats in Atlanta

Need a healthy lunch spot? I got you. Need a place to recommend to your friends when they ask to hang out and you’re on that clean eating groove? I got you. Want to order in but don’t want to ruin the hard workout you just did? Keep reading.

I was eating at Chopt with one of my friends a few days ago and got the idea to do a post on the best healthy restaurants in Atlanta. I realized these were the most popular on my list of places to go whenever someone asked me to go to lunch, and they’re always a crowd favorite. If you don’t love healthy food, trust me, you’ll LOVE these restaurants. I honestly love the fact that Atlanta is updating its menus and its restaurants to fit this new mindset I seem to see everywhere – people really do care about being fit, eating clean, and making sure they’re putting the right nutrients in their body.

Don’t get me wrong — I cook for myself weekly (you’ve probably seen my meal prep mondays) but there are times where I get SICK of cooking and then having to clean and wash dishes….. because who needs to adult 24/7??? I’m big enough to admit that I would love to have a private chef who cooks for me every day but until then, I’ll rely on Postmates and Doordash to help me out.

Some of the restaurants on this list may have you shocked… but the reason they’re on here is because I was able to find a healthy alternative to something that would normally be titled as “junk” food (also the reason this is titled healthy “eats”, not healthy “restaurants”).

Now, for what you came to see – the BEST healthy eats in Atlanta, with my review of each:


Location: Buckhead, Druid Hills

Is it really a surprise that this is the first restaurant on my list? I’m honestly SO obsessed with Chopt that it’s gotten to the point where it’s unhealthy. I remember when the Buckhead location opened up right near my apartment, and I almost screamed of happiness because I had been making the drive to Decatur for a Chopt (not that that’s a bad thing though). I mean come on, have you seen the menu? It’s a salad bar with millions of options – they have their own unique salad recipes + a build-your-own option. You can also make any salad into a wrap, and their soups are incredible too. If that’s not enough, they have AMAZING grain bowls too with so many different types of grains, like brown rice, quinoa, and forbidden rice. If you go around lunch hour, it gets super packed, but it’s still worth it (you can also order ahead for pickup).

My recommendations: I LOVE the Kebob Cobb salad, and also the Chicken Tinga Bowl!


Location: Westside Provisions

Upbeet is an aesthetically pleasing, popular health food restaurant located in the Westside Provisions District near Midtown. It’s another one of my favorite restaurants because it has SO many options. It has the cutest smoothie bowls (totally Insta-worthy) and superfood lattes. It also has incredible salads and grain bowls that are filling and satisfying. They have steak and fish options, so you can make the bowl with whatever meat you want, and if you want a smoothie or toast for breakfast, they have that too. Another thing I love about Upbeet is the environment – the interior design of the restaurant is what I wish my future restaurant could be. All white everything + insta-worthy smoothie bowls? Sign me up.

My recommendations: The Thai Chia bowl and Pesto Manifesto are to die for!


Location: Buckhead/Lenox

Although True Food is a chain restaurant, it’s SO FREAKING GOOD. If you want a date night option, this is perfect because the ambience is so nice, but everything on the menu is organic or healthy in some way. It’s located right within Lenox, which is super convenient if you’re hungry from all that walking and need a pick me up. True Food is ALWAYS packed, even if it’s a weekday. I’ve gone there on a Wednesday night and had to wait almost 45 minutes for a table, but it’s worth it. They also have an amazing brunch menu (which I haven’t tried, but it’s on my to do list). It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but it’s definitely a must-try if you’re in the Buckhead area. Make sure to reserve first!

My recommendations: The Teriyaki Quinoa bowl, Edamame Dumplings, and Turkey burger are awesome!


Locations: Shops around Lenox

Another health-food restaurant near Lenox, Flower Child is the cutest place I’ve ever been to. If you go inside, you’ll know exactly what I mean by “cute”. This restaurant is Spring come to life, literally. There are flower-themed murals all over the walls and everything is so colorful. The first day it opened, there was a line out the door – for good reason. They have such a diverse menu, and you can choose to build your own salad/bowl/plate as well. Also, can we talk about their rosewater lemonade? Let’s be real, I’d love any restaurant that has anything with rosewater.

My recommendations: I love the Strawberry Fields salad and making my own plate!


Location: Buckhead

This restaurant is one of the most calming places I’ve ever been – it transports you to LA where cafes like this are so common. Their menu is so versatile because they have everything from smoothies to lattes to teas to bowls and much more. It can be a little bit on the expensive side if you add too much to your bowl, but it’s so tempting when everything looks so good! Oh, and the area around Sama is absolutely gorgeous – you feel like you’re transported to a mansion with its white walls, fountains, and tropical plants.

My recommendation: Build your own bowl with cauliflower rice, falafel, avocado, sweet potato, cucumber raita, and green goddess dressing. Yum.


Locations: Peachtree, Ponce, Decatur, West Midtown

Another popular restaurant that features bowls galore, gusto has 4 locations throughout the metro-Atlanta area. I’ve been to the Ponce location, and it was so amazing – they have unique bowls that you can also make into salads, and some amazing sauce concoctions that I still want to try. If you’re in the ATL area, there is probably a gusto! near you that is worth trying!

My recommendations: Choose the chipotle mango avocado sauce + chicken + brown rice!


Locations: Buckhead, Sandy Springs

Cafe Sunflower is a vegan staple in Buckhead and Sandy Springs, and for good reason. They have amazing little twists on popular food items, and to be honest, I filled up on starters. Their entrees are slightly expensive, so if you want to have a tapas-style lunch or dinner, try getting a bunch of starters and trying everything. They also have a Sunday brunch that I am dying to try – I’m really interested to see their take on a chicken biscuit (but obviously CFA will always have my heart).

My recommendations: Fried avocado tacos, steamed dumplings, buffalo lollipops, and the sesame soy chicken!


Location: Krog St. Market

Recess is a fairly new establishment located in the heart of downtown at Krog St. Market. Fitting the pattern, it has some incredible bowls and salads that are worth giving a try if you’re exploring the market and want a healthier option than its other restaurants. They have unique innovations such as coconut brown rice and a beet toast called “pretty in pink.” When restaurant menus have cute names for their dishes, it makes me so happy.

My recommendations: The Super Bowl, the Hippie Mario sandwich, and the No Spring Chicken sandwich are all amazing!


Location: Ponce City Market

If you know me, you know that PCM is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. They have so much good food, they’re on the Beltline, AND they have a Sephora? Can I just live there? Marrakesh is specifically my favorite restaurant there, because it has such awesome Mediterranean options. Mediterranean food is generally pretty healthy since the meat is grilled, but Marrakesh is amazing because for a platter, you get 2 sides, and the portions are always huge. Even if you’re on a low-carb diet, Marrakesh would satisfy you.

My recommendations: Chicken Shawarma Plate with Babaganush and roasted cauliflower!


Location: Marietta

If you’re in the Vinings/Marietta area for work, this place is probably your go-to for your lunch hour. That’s exactly why I know it too – it’s always bustling with people around 12pm, but the line and the wait is SO worth it. The first time I tried their salad, I was in awe. Their service is impeccable and they have one of the largest salad/bowl/sandwich menus ever. I swear, we ordered from this place almost every day for work, and I got something different every day. Now, I want to make a trip to Marietta just for this salad.

My recommendations: Dr. Beeks Salad – the candied walnuts make it the best salad in the world, I swear.


Location: Sandy Springs

This is interesting because I was actually invited to Rush Bowls to try out their new location in Sandy Springs, and it’s SO adorable. They have super unique “themes” to their bowls, such as “adventure bowls” and “comfort bowls.” You can add toppings like whey protein, matcha, and multivitamins to your smoothie – how amazing is that? Can I drown myself in this smoothie bowl pls? Besides bowls, they also have amazing smoothies if you’re not into the whole eating-with-a-spoon situation. Either way, if you find yourself in Sandy Springs, stop by Rush bowls – it’s so yummy!

My recommendations: I love the yoga bowl and the chai’s mystique bowl!


Location: Lenox

I know what you’re thinking. CPK is a chain throughout the country and it’s main specialty is pizza, which is not healthy at all. But hear me out – y’all know about this cauliflower pizza trend going on right? And how GLORIOUS it is that we can finally eat low-carb pizza and eat our vegetables too? I’ve been obsessed with cauliflower pizza for the longest time, especially when Trader Joe’s came out with their $3.99 box. My only complaint with the pizza industry in general was that cauliflower pizza was not more widely available – but then CPK answered my prayers. Their cauliflower pizza is so good, it tastes exactly like normal pizza. Not only that, but you can get ANY of their pizzas on a cauliflower crust. I think I cried a tear of happiness when I realized I didn’t have to completely forsake my healthy eating regimen to hang out with my friends.

My recommendation: Get the cauliflower crust with their BBQ chicken pizza! SO good.

I hope you guys found this list helpful, and if you know of any cool healthy ATL-based restaurants, PLEASE let me know! I have a running list of restaurants I need to try on my notes, and I want to make sure I try all the best ones!

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