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Review: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Review: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Review: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Hi friends! I recently invested in the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream after I finished my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. My FAB cream was absolutely amazing, but I’m always so restless when it comes to skincare – all I want is to walk into Sephora and pick up one of those shopping bags and fill it to the top and try every single product. Is it bad that I want Sephora to come out with a payment financing plan? Why buy a house when you can buy makeup?? (I’m kidding, I hope…)

Check out Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Cream here!

I walked around Sephora for a LONG time, probably around 45 minutes. It got to the point where the associates were coming up to me over and over again and I knew I had to get out (LOL). I tried so many different creams and had so many options, but of course I decided to go with the one that smelled like roses and hopes and dreams…. if you know, you know.

There are so many creams and face mists and lotions that *claim* to be rose-scented, but they actually just smell sweet with a hint of flower/jasmine. My favorite thing about this cream from Fresh is that it smells authentically rose-y. It feels like they blended rose petals into all the ingredients, and I’m not complaining one bit. This moisturizer actually makes me look forward to my skincare routine every night because it just feels and smells SO good.

If you have dry/combination skin, you will LOVE this. It’s not super lightweight, but it’s not as heavy as the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (which is more of a Winter moisturizer). It’s perfect year round, and a little goes a long way when it comes to actually applying it. As soon as I apply it, I feel a cooling, hydrating sensation, and that’s always amazing when you’ve spent $$$$$ on skincare, right? I’ve seen a noticeable difference within my skin and it feels so much brighter and healthier.

If you’re looking for your next summer moisturizer, this is the one.

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