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The 5 Best Hair Volumizing Products for Thin Hair

The 5 Best Hair Volumizing Products for Thin Hair

The 5 Best Hair Volumizing Products for Thin Hair

HELLO all my thin-haired friends!! If you have super thin hair like I do, I know you’re looking for products that will change the game and make you look like you were born with full, voluptuous hair. If you have thick hair and just want to make it even more voluminous, keep reading.

Every single time I go to Ulta or any other drugstore, I always find myself wandering into the hair care section to find new products that could potentially change my life. I’m not exaggerating – the products I’m about to talk about have actually changed the way I do my hair and how it ends up looking in the end. I used to have super thick hair as a kid, but then with the stress of college and work, it got thinner over time (AKA, stress has the worst effects on your body but that’s a conversation for another post).

The best part about beauty/hair products is that they can help you find ways to become more comfortable with how you look, and finally get to a place where you feel confident, which is not a bad thing. To me, hair has always been the one thing that I felt like I needed to make better in order to be more confident and look like I had my life together (am I crazy or do you relate?). The following products have helped me tremendously in making the quality of my hair better, and have helped me feel more confident in the getting-ready process.


I’ve used this shampoo for the past 6 months, and it’s SO amazing for thin hair. It actually contains a large amount of keratin, which combats current and future breakage. Also, if you have colored or over-processed hair from using heat tools, it’s amazing for the restoration of the hair ends and roots. Biolage ALWAYS has deals at Ulta, so a tip would be to wait until they have their buy 1 get 1 free sale so you can get the conditioner too.

*I bought this shampoo after using the Living Proof Full Shampoo – I didn’t think it had any effect on my hair, so I had to return it. 🙁


This is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made in the past year. I used to never use texture sprays because they scared me – but once I started, I hopped on that bandwagon and never got off. Texture sprays are designed to give more body and volume to your hair, while also providing a lasting hold. My favorite way to use this spray is to curl my hair, lightly brush the curls out, and spray from the middle of my head to the bottom, and scrunch the curls up. This creates the BEST wavy hair look for me, and I’ve never stopped doing it. This spray is unique because it also provides a lot of volume, so you can also use it to tease your hair at the roots.


I love this thickening spray for my hair so much, because it’s lightweight and doesn’t make you feel like you’re using a heavy hair product that weighs everything down. Sadly, it’s not available in stores, but you can get it off Amazon (linked above). This spray is incredible because it’s actually just like a lotion, like the name suggests. It helps make your hair feel much thicker, but it makes sure that it looks silky and smooth when you dry your hair. This is pretty rare when it comes to hair products because you can usually only get one or the other.


Another incredible find – this is the product that made me fall in love with all IGK products. This brand is so unique and has products to solve all your hair problems. This volume texture spray in particular has solved 100% of my problems – if you want Blake Lively-esque beachy waves, you will get them. All you need is this texture spray to spritz on your hair when it’s dry, tease it a bit, and there you go. This is my go-to product when I’m traveling, especially during the summer. It also smells amazing, so that’s a bonus!

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After my favorite Tresemme volumizing mousse got discontinued, I went on a search for another mousse that could give my hair the same amount of mountainous volume. After trying this one out for a couple weeks, it was obvious how amazing it was. My hair FEELS thicker when I hold it in my hand, which means the strands actually got wider overall. I usually use this thickening lotion EVERY time I wash my hair, and I see the effects until the next time I wash my hair. My hair stays thick for the next couple days, and feels healthier too. 10/10 would recommend.

Having thin hair is such a struggle, but the best part is that there are ways to combat it (AKA a curling iron and millions of hair products). Do you have a favorite hair product? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM – I’d love to explore more!

** This post does use affiliate links, which means if the products are purchased, I do make a small amount of commission. Thanks for always supporting Alisha’s Approach!**

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