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The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Less Than $15

As humans, we’re all different…. but I know we all have one common denominator: WE LOVE TJ MAXX. It’s so easy to walk in there looking for one thing and then get lost in the endless aisles of candles, home decor, low-priced athleisure, and even food. My ideal Sunday will always be spent in the shopping center near my house that has a TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack – they really know how to entice me.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve gone to TJ Maxx on and off for home decor, clothing, and makeup (can you tell these are my favorite things?). If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I am absolutely obsessed with making my space my own, surrounded by good energy and aspects of my personality that I love. This includes chic pieces that have white, pink, and gold accents, and cute stationary I can use (stationary has always been my BIGGEST weakness since I was a kid… old habits die hard). I wanted to come back and show you guys all the incredible deals I’ve found – mostly cause I don’t want to be alone with my shopping addiction.

70% of what you see in this picture is from TJ Maxx:

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15

I’m going to start with home decor first and “zoom” into everything in this picture. This workspace area is my pride and joy, and it makes me SO happy whenever I look at it. I had always dreamed of having a space that inspired me and lifted my mood when I was down, and that’s what this area does for me. It’s where I write all my blog posts and where I do all of my work. I’ve been SO productive ever since I created this area, and I highly recommend finding low-cost items or doing DIY projects that can help spruce up your living space. 

Home Decor

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
Letterboard, $12.99

Letterboards are the cutest trend in home decor and interior design lately – you get a set of letters and numbers to use to create whatever you want. I prefer to build out quotes and inspirational sayings that I could look up at and immediately feel better. This one highly resonates with me because I’ve always felt that red lipstick has made my confidence go from 0 to 100 – so when things aren’t great, doing small things like that that can lift me up is super important.

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
Pink Roses, $4.99; Planner, $7.99


The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
White flowers with vase set, $12.99

I have flowers EVERYWHERE in my apartment. Granted, these are fake, but I think it adds such a beautiful touch to any space. And what better way to display them than with a mason jar? I’m sure you have 100 of these laying around the house – they’re so versatile when it comes to both interior design AND for drinks (hello, iced coffee).


The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
Marble Container, $14.99

Marble is also such a growing trend now, and not just in home decor, but in everything that can have a pattern. It’s so chic and blends perfectly with the white/gray accents in my apartment. This container is divided into 3 parts, so it could be totally useful for holding makeup brushes and kept near the sink as well. I just loved the way it looked on my desk next to those flowers.


Next topic: planners. WHY are amazing planners so expensive? I think for the past year I went back and forth with trying to buy a planner that cost $50 and I knew I couldn’t bring myself to even though my love for stationary is greater than anything in this world. I’m so obsessed with planners, journals, colorful pens, cute sticky notes, organization…… you see where I’m going with this. Then, one day I went to TJ Maxx just to look for planners because my schedule had gotten so busy that I HAD to write it all down (it helps me remember things). I was immediately drawn to this planner, and it’s not a color scheme I’d regularly go for either. It has the cutest stickers inside to help with organization and labeling, and quotes to get you through the day. You may not find this exact planner, but there are tons of planners there that you’re sure to love.

Accent Pieces

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
“Boss” Accent Piece, $9.99

This was one of the first things I bought for my apartment even before I had a desk. I have golden accents everywhere, and this piece brought everything together. Keeping it on my desk just made it look so much better + I now feel like I’m a boss. THE POWER OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE!


The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
Gray Bulletin Board, $14.99

So this bulletin board is meant to be used for pictures and other small things (quotes, mementos, etc)….. BUT personally, I love how it looks plain in my workspace. I have tons of frames everywhere else, so it makes up for the fact that I don’t have pictures in my bulletin board. As I said earlier, my apartment has light pink, gray, and white tones, so I loved how this complemented different areas.

**These white art frames are NOT from TJ Maxx. If you’re interested in how I got these, send me an email/DM!

Beauty Products

Now, onto the beauty portion of my TJ Maxx deals — I was in the beauty section last weekend and realized that there were products there that used to be on my wishlist a year ago – and I’m so glad I waited. These products were more than 50% off, and fall under the category of “high end makeup”. Naturally, I had zero self-control and grabbed a cart that could hold all my things.

For me, the most fun part of doing my makeup is doing my contour and picking out which lipstick shade I’ll be wearing for the day. I feel like I have so many similar shades, but trust me, they’re ALL DIFFERENT SHADES OF PINK.

…That being said, my first find that I knew I had to grab was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette, which was $15 (originally $40 on Sephora).


The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
ABH Cream Contour Palette, $15

I have a lot of great contour palettes, but this was always the one that got away — I wanted it, but never got myself to spend $40 on it (which was a great decision on my part, clearly). I got the “light” tones, which fit perfectly with my olive-peach skin. I’m SO excited to start using this, and I’m also really excited about the brightening tones on the top row. Look out for updates on how it looks/blends!

** Many of the products I got were Anastasia, but I’m not complaining at all – it’s one of my absolute favorite beauty brands, and I’ve always had a great experience with it.

The second item I found was the ABH Matte Lipstick in Staunch, which was $7.99 at TJ Maxx, and $18 at Sephora. It’s a perfect brown nude, and it goes on so well too. I’m excited to wear this on a day where pink just won’t do and I want to go an even more natural route.

Third on the list is ANOTHER ABH Matte Lipstick in the color Latte (the same price points as Staunch). This is a true brown, and is one of those lipsticks you could only pull off with certain outfits (at least that’s how it is for me, but it may be different for others). It’s still a great shade, and want to try topping it with a gloss and see how it looks!

Okay, number 4 is going to be yet another lipstick (I have an issue) but this time, it’s from Bare Minerals. I’ve always loved their GenNude line, and I remember rushing to Ulta to get a bunch of shades when it was 50% off there. It’s currently $19 at Sephora, but only $4.99 at TJ Maxx. HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS?! I swear I stood there just staring at the price tag in disbelief for a good five minutes. I’m here to tell you that it’s real, and you need to go to your nearest TJ Maxx and buy everything in the beauty section because they are not playing around. This shade is called “Weekend,” and it’s a bright orange-pink shade that’s going to be perfect for summer. The coverage is pretty sheer for a matte lipstick, but it helps it look more natural.

Check out the swatches:

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15
Staunch, $7.99
Weekend, $4.99
Latte, $7.99


Finally, the last beauty-related item I got was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio. I had been eyeing this for the past few months, because of how much everyone was raving about it. This blush trio was $7.99 at TJ Maxx but is currently $30 at Sephora. Like all these other products I mentioned, I ended up not buying it before I saw it at TJ Maxx and finding more affordable substitutes instead. This trio has 2 matte shades and 1 glitter shade (I’m definitely NOT using the glitter shade but the two matte shades look super promising).

The Greatest Finds at TJ Maxx for Under $15

ABH Blush Trio, $7.99

Can you believe every one of these items was under $15?! Neither can I. I swear I need to join TJ Maxx Addicts Anonymous at this point… but I’m telling myself I’m actually saving money on products that are originally at a much higher price point (that’s my coping mechanism and I’m sticking to it).

What amazing products have you found at TJ Maxx (or even Home Goods) for under $15? Let me know so I can keep “saving” money 😉


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